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Trinity Grand Council
Ladies of Knights of Templar of the United States,
Canada and England
The Order of Lady Knights is based mainly on three most characterized principles; namely (a) The Anointed, exemplifying Humanity and Forgiveness. (b) The Sword, exemplifying Power and Justice. (c) The Cross, exemplifying a Trial of Patience. These three characters cannot be more brilliantly exemplar than in the Order of Lady Knights. 
The honorable and exalted purposes had in view in its dissemination can have no opposition worthy the name in winning “Ladies and Sirs to the Cross.”
Trinity Grand Council Order of Lady Knights of Templar Officers 2013

 Lady Rhonda Montgomery

Worthy Chief Counselor


Ambassador(Sir Knight)

 Lady Saint L. Jarvis

Second Chief Counselor & Deceit


Assistant Ambassador(Sir Knight)

 Lady Ramona Daniels

Third Chief Counselor & Nobody

 Lady Trendi Adams

Fourth Chief Counselor & Everybody

 Lady Tasha Tillman Brown

Lady Secretary

 Lady Elizabeth Fillmore

Lady Treasurer      

 Lady Almeria Leveston

Lady Justice

 Lady Lisa Davis

Lady Honesty

 Lady Kia Lewis

Inside Sentinel

 Lady Shamaro Roberts

Lady Conscience

 Lady Linda Jordan

Lady Mercy

 Lady LaQueeta Jones

 Outside Sentinel


Lady Chaplin

 Sir. Knight Nicholas Lieteau


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